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Название: Судан 50 фунтов 2018
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6 июня 2018 года Банк Судана выпустил в обращение банкноту 50 фунтов нового типа.

Sudan's central bank starts circulating new 50 pound banknote
Reuters Staff

KHARTOUM, June 6 (Reuters) - Sudan’s central bank has started circulating new 50-pound Sudanese bills, while withdrawing the old ones, the bank said in a statement late on Wednesday, citing the spread of fake banknotes that have caused an increase in liquidity and pushed prices higher.

Inflation in Sudan rose to 57.65 percent in April, amid rising food prices and an ongoing fuel shortage.

Prices have continued to rise as the value of the Sudanese pound has renewed its fall on the black market, despite government measures to control spending and tighten liquidit